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Side by Side or French Door Refrigerator – Pros and Cons

French Door Refrigerators have become a much in demand home appliance recently. A French door has three doors basically a side by side top with two doors and a bottom freezer section.

The bottom freezers has one disadvantage, it has baskets that you can pull out they are stacked one on top of another and for the elderly or those with bad backs it can be a disadvantage having to bend down to get access to the freezer section.

At the same time though the crisper drawers is designed to help you stay organize and keeping track of storage space. Food and drinks can be easily accessed with A French Door refrigerator as it is all stored at eye level.

There are many optional features that you can find in French door refrigerators such as water and ice dispensers in the door, doors that close automatically, pull out freezer drawers and other features that make the fridge more functional and easy to use. The price of the refrigerator will depend greatly upon the extra features that it offers since more features usually mean more money.

Even though the French door will cost a lot more money than a side by side fridge extra features such as ice and water dispensers, door alarms, easy shut doors or doors that shut automatically as well as the aesthetic appeal of a French Door will add convenience and luxury to your home.

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The Pros of a French Door Refrigerator:

  • The foremost noticeable feature of a French door refrigerator is the doors. Three main doors divide the unit namely the two upper doors for the fridge and the bottom door that holds the freezer
  • Opening the upper doors of the fridge takes up less effort and space thus allowing enough room space in places like slots designed especially for a particular French door refrigerator
  • Bottom Freezer design allows the user to access only frozen foods when needed thus eliminating the frequency of wasting energy.
  • Flexibility in storing foods, fruits, vegetables and beverages in all the compartments
  • Easy access to food without bending or stooping

The Cons of a French Door Refrigerator:

  • French Door Refrigerators are expensive
  • Some such as the Whirpool Gold have problems with their Ice maker machines
  • Freezer Section is smaller and not so easy to access

Side by Side

Side by Side Refrigerator

More expensive but more convenient that a bottom freezer set up the side by side refrigerator has a much larger capacity for storing frozen food as well as allowing easier access and better access to your frozen items. The downside is that they do take up more room than a French door or bottom freezer as well as using up more energy.

The Pros of a Side by Side Refrigerator:

  • Stand up spacious storage capacity
  • Flexible in storing foods
  • Larger Frozen Food Storage Area
  • Easy access to frozen food items

The Cons of a Side by Side Refrigerator:

  • Lacks the WOW appeal of a French Door Refrigerator
  • Takes up Valuable Kitchen Space
  • Uses up more electricity