Samsung RSG307 Side by Side Refrigerator with 2 Doors and Integrated Water & Ice

Samsung RSG307


If you are looking for a refrigerator with extra capacity, look at the Samsung RSG307.  Most consumers think of Samsung as being a leading name in electronics, but they also make high quality appliances, and the RSG307 is a premier model.  Available in three finishes, black, white or stainless steel, it will enhance the look of any kitchen and of course, it performs with the same superior quality that is expected from Samsung.

Key Features

The best feature about this refrigerator is its capacity.  At 30 cu. ft., this side-by-side refrigerator has room for everything.  Featuring deep shelves, you will have room to store all of your favorite food easily, without having to stuff your shelves to overflowing. There are five glass interior shelves; the shelves are made from tempered glass and feature a spill proof design so if something spills or leaks, it will be contained. Additionally, there are 2 two crisper drawers, one deli drawer, a dairy bin, a regular bin and 3 gallon door bins in the refrigerator.   The freezer features five glass shelves and door bins for ample space.

Other features that make this a recommended product are:


• Water and ice dispenser – Easy access to cold water and ice; ice can be crushed or cubed.

• Icemaker that includes extra ice storage so that you never run out of ice

Innovative Twin Cooling Plus system – There is no shared airflow between the freezer and the refrigerator.  Freezer burn instances will be reduced, and your fresh food that is stored in the refrigerator stays fresh.

• High quality LED lighting illuminates the refrigerator while using less energy and emitting less heat.

• Energy Star qualified to run efficiently, saving you money on your utility bills. Pros

• Large capacity refrigerator

• Deep shelves

• Specialty racks for soda and wine

• Runs quietly

• LED lighting

• Water/Ice dispenser


• Taller items will only fit in the door bins, not on the shelves

• Because it is a deep appliance, it can stick out from the surrounding cabinets

• Ice maker can produce ice slowly

• When shelves are full, the lighting can be dim, making it harder to see all items

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Customer Reviews

The following review excerpts are taken from the product’s page on Tim states, “I have owned this large fridge for about 9 month now and couldn’t be happier. It works great at keeping my food fresher longer, vegetables last around 50% longer…”

James B writes, “Plenty of room; deep shelves; very nice LED lighting helps you see everything; clear bottom drawer that sticks out beyond shelves over it so you can see exactly what is in it; large door shelves handily hold milk and tea pitchers and other large things…”

If capacity is a requirement, you should consider this refrigerator.  Samsung has designed it to have ample storage space, and it features some unique storage components.  Overall, this refrigerator looks sleek and stylish, it performs like a top quality appliance, and that is why the Samsung RSG307 is a smart buy.