Samsung RF323TEDBSR French Door Refrigerator Review

Samsung RF323TEDBSR


Small refrigerators are great for those with space constraints or with small families.  If you have a larger family, you want a refrigerator with plenty of space, but finding a quality large capacity refrigerator can be tough. 

Samsung’s French door refrigerator, model RF323TEDBSR, is their largest capacity refrigerator and it has ample room inside, making this the perfect model for anybody wanting a larger capacity refrigerator.  

There is much more to this refrigerator than its large capacity though.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel French door design – This stylish refrigerator will fit into the décor of any kitchen, thanks to the sleek and elegance that the stainless steel exterior gives it.  The French door design means that your freezer compartment is on the bottom, so that the items that you need the most are up on top, within easy reach. 
  • Freezer drawer easily pulls out and has compartments for easy organization.
  • CoolSelect Pantry – This panty draw is full-width and features its own temperature controls, including a defrost control so you can safely defrost in this section without affecting the temperature of the rest of the refrigerator.
  • Large volume icemaker – There are two icemakers in this model, the Ice Master, which can store up to 10lbs of ice and the in-freezer icemaker; combined, up to 12 lbs. of ice can be made daily.
  • Cooling system is dual-action so freezer burn will be less of a problem and your chilled items will stay fresher for longer in the refrigerator.
  • LED lighting – This innovating lighting system helps you find what you want quickly because it is very effective lighting, making every part of your refrigerator easy to see.

Samsung RF323TEDBSR2 Samsung RF323TEDBSR1


  • Large capacity – 31.6 cu. Ft of space
  • Energy Star
  • Looks elegant and stylish
  • Water and ice dispenser
  • Two ice makers
  • Pantry door that is full-width
  • French door design
  • Well lighted throughout the refrigerator
  • Door open alarm


  • Ice maker tends to be noisy
  • Ice maker can clog easily
  • Stainless steel plated dispenser buttons can be scraped or scratched by cups

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Customer Reviews

Here are what some customers have had to say about this product (all reviews are taken directly from the Samsung website):

Enjoycooking rated this refrigerator five stars, stating, “The styling is beautiful. The Features are so easy to use and have been so well thought out. Performance has exceeded all my expectations.”

Xxoohappy also rated this refrigerator five stars, stating, “The storage is beyond my expectations.”

If you are looking for a good-looking refrigerator with a large capacity, this model is highly recommended.  It has features that are functional and they do not detract from the looks of this refrigerator.  

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