Samsung RF31FMESBSR 31 cu. ft. 4-Door Refrigerator with Automatic Sparkling Water Dispenser

Samsung is a name that inspires consumer confidence.  For the last 70 years, Samsung has beenSamsung RF31FMESBSR producing quality products and the Samsung RF31FMESBSR refrigerator carries on that tradition nicely. Known for their consumer electronics, Samsung has been a company that pushes the envelope in terms of technology and quality.  Through technology, Samsung focuses on products that are high quality, and that improve the quality of life for those who use them. 


Samsung also has a line of appliances. Much like their consumer electronic products, the Samsung line of appliances are reliable, durable, and highly innovative.  Featuring the technology that helps them run better and longer, you will find that Samsung’s attention to detail and skillful technology combines to create a refrigerator that works just as well as it looks.




The appliance dimensions are 35 ¾ x 70 x 35 ½ inches.   The RF31FMESBSR has a total capacity of 31 cubic feet, making it large enough for most consumers.  At 31 cubic feet, even larger families will have enough space to be able to store their frozen foods and groceries without having to cram items in, making it hard to find the things that you want.  The refrigerator gives you 17.4 cubic feet of space, the FlexZone Drawer has 4.1 cubic feet of space and the freezer has a spacious 9 cubic feet of space.  The RF31FMESBSR can easily fit 30 grocery bags of food.  The capacity of the RF31FMESBSR is a major advantage.




The only available color is stainless steel.  The RF31FMESBSR comes in stainless steel and the interior has stainless steel interior accents, making the interior just as beautiful as the exterior.  Together, the interior and exterior give the refrigerator a seamless, classic look.


Exterior Design


The RF31FMESBSR has a very striking appearance; it will certainly look great in your kitchen.  Samsung designed this refrigerator to be noticed and your guests will certainly look twice at it.  The stainless steel exterior and handles give it a polished, professional look.  The integrated water/ice/sparkling water dispenser and control panel fits nicely into the exterior.  The control panel is easy to use and easy to read and is fully integrated into the refrigerator exterior.


The RF31FMESBSR is a French door refrigerator, which means that you and your family will need to bend and reach less because the things you use the most, your refrigerated items, are towards the top and the freezer is below.  For many consumers, this is a better and more sensible design than the side-by-side freezer layout.  The Flexzone Drawer is also integrated nicely, located between the freezer and the refrigerator.  This drawer pulls out easy for extra storage, so you can easily access snacks, juice boxes and other items that you use often, which means you have to open the full refrigerator less.


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Interior Design and Features


The RF31FMESBSR is packed with full of features.  The sparkling water dispenser was mentioned briefly above.  Most refrigerators provide ice and water, but Samsung has gone one-step further, and thanks to SodaStream, the RF31FMESBSR dispenses chilled sparkling water.  Stop buying sparkling water because you will have perfectly chilled sparkling water available anytime.  If you or your family does not drink sparkling water, you may not see the excitement factor, but if you and your family do drink sparkling water, not only is this environmentally friendly, but it will save you money while providing flavorful sparkling water.


Many icemakers skimp on the ice production, leaving you in the lurch in the summer months.  There is no reason to ever have to buy ice if you have a built in icemaker.  Samsung solved the problem by designing their icemaker to be able to product ten lbs. of ice daily and there is room to store 4.2 lbs. of ice at a time.  Thanks to Samsung’s innovative technology, this icemaker is space efficient.


Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus is designed to prevent freezer burn in the freezer by keeping the air in the freezer dry, and to keep your refrigerator at optimal humidity and temperature to keep your food fresh.  Food will not spoil as quickly as with other refrigerators thanks to this innovative cooling system.


Many refrigerators have a small light up on the top, making the drawers and bottom shelves dim and poorly illuminated. Samsung uses LED lighting, which is energy efficient, to ensure that every shelf and drawer are beautifully lit.  Never struggle to find something in the dark again, not in your refrigerator anyway.


The RF31FMESBSR has a FlexZone Drawer, which pulls out easily and has four adjustable compartments for easy organization.  You can customize the temperature and the settings for party dishes, deli, drinks, and meats so that no matter what you are storing, it is always at the right temperature. 


Need extra room for tall items?  Samsung created their slide-in/flip-up shelf.  You can slid it in for extra room or if you need to fit something tall, just flip up the shelf and you have easy storage for extra tall items. 


There are two crispers that are humidity controlled, five tempered glass shelves that are spill proof.  1 shelf folds, 2 shelves slide out and 1 shelf slides in. There are three gallon door bins, 3 regular door bins in the doors.




There is a five-year warranty on the parts and labor for the sealed system.  There is a 1-year warranty for the parts and labor for the refrigerator.  This is not the best warranty out there, but it is certainly not the worst.


Consumer Rating


The RF31FMESBSR has a rating of 3.6 out of five based on 12 user reviews posted on Samsung’s page for this product




•          31 cubic feet of usable space – very spacious capacity


•          Plenty of shelves and bins for storage in the refrigerator


•          Innovative shelving – slide-in/slide-out shelf


•          FlexZone Drawer with 4 temperature zones


•          Exterior water/ice/sparkling water dispenser


•          Energy Star


•          Elegant French Door design and stainless steel interior accents


•          Better cooling system




•          Stainless steel tends to show fingerprints very easily.  If fingerprints on your refrigerator bother you, be prepared to be cleaning off fingerprints often, especially if you have small children.


•          The price is higher than the average refrigerator of this capacity however; the layout, overall look and features still make this an attractive buy for those who can afford the cost.


When it comes to beautiful design, Samsung has truly created an elegant and beautiful refrigerator.  The RF31FMESBSR is on the expensive side, but the features that you get are worth the money.


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