LG 4-Door French-door Refrigerator Model LMX30995 – Innovative and Elegant

Organizing your refrigerator has just become easier thanks to LG’s super capacity 4 door lg-LMX30995ST-french-4-door-refrigeratorrefrigerator model LMX30995.  LG’s 4-door French door refrigerator model LMX30995 has solved the problem of organization with this highly elegant and sleekly elegant model.  Your days of cramming food together randomly on shelves just to get it to fit are over.

Since 1958 LG has paved the way for innovative electronics and their line of appliances, are built to the same standards.  By placing their focus on the concept, the style, the product’s interface and the finish, LG produces quality products.  The LG name means quality, and this refrigerator is no exception.  LG’s signature elegance is evident when you see the refrigerator, and it delivers on performance.  In short, it not only looks beautiful, but it works well.

The LG LMX30995 has a suggested retail price of $3,699.99.  What really makes this refrigerator stand out above the rest are its features.  Everything that you expect from an LG product is present in this refrigerator.  It is dependable, beautiful and has numerous features that make it such a good buy. 

French Door Design

Consumers are choosing French door refrigerators as their design of choice because their design is much more sensible than side-by-side refrigerators.  Side-by-side refrigerators have a design flaw, namely, you end up doing a lot of bending to get the things that you need in the refrigerator side. 

Most people open their refrigerator several times a day compared to opening their freezer just once or twice a day.  French door refrigerators are built with the freezer on the bottom because you need to access it less and the refrigerated section, which you access the most, on the top. 

Organize Easier

LG’s LMX30995 is the ultimate refrigerator for organization.  With 30 cu. ft. of usable space, even large families will find that this model offers enough capacity.  LG has perfected how to maximize usable space, and that is what makes this the ultimate refrigerator for organization.

The LMX30995 features a door-in-door design; this is a brilliant product innovation that will help save on your electric bill because when your family wants to reach the foods that they use the most, such as their snack items and drinks.  Instead of constantly opening the entire refrigerator, open just the section that you need.  The door-in-door feature also gives you extra shelf space so you can keep your refrigerator organized better instead of trying to cram your food and drink items on just a few shelves.

Many French door refrigerators have one freezer drawer but the LG LMX30995 has two freezer drawers so even your frozen foods can be easily organized.  Long gone are the days of rooting around in an overcrowded freezer section, this model has two separate freezer drawers so you can easily organize your frozen food.

LG’s Slim SpacePlus icemaker gives you fresh, filtered ice but without taking up a lot of room.  That means more room for door bins and shelf space.  There are seven door bins total, two of them are gallon sized and adjustable.  Inside of the refrigerator, there are four spill proof shelves and one of those shelves is folding for when you need extra room.  There are two crispers that are humidity controlled and a Glide N’ Serve drawer for larger items such as cakes and platters.

Quality you can Count on

LG products are dependable and reliable.  With the LG LMX30995, consumers get the peace of mind that they own the best.  There is a one-year warranty on parts and labor, a ten-year warranty on the linear compressor and a seven-year warranty on the sealed system. 

Featured hidden hinges and a contoured stainless steel surface the LG LMX30995 are the personification of elegant design.  Bring a touch of class into your kitchen with this sleek and elegant refrigerator; stainless steel finish means that the LMX30995 will match any kitchen décor.

LG LMX30995STLG LMX30995 Features

It has ample organization and storage options including door-in-door technology and 30 cubic feet of usable space.

It has Smart Cooling Plus technology, which helps keep your freezer and refrigerator at their optimal conditions to keep food fresh.  Air vents ensure that there is plenty of fresh air circulating.

The LG LMX30995 is Energy Star rated, so it used less energy that save you money on your energy bills.

There is an external ice and water dispenser that is tall enough to accommodate tall glasses and containers.


The features as listed above have make this a popular choice in refrigerators.  The level of quality and innovation speaks for itself.


The price can be high, but the value for the money makes it worthwhile.

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For families that are looking for a refrigerator with extra capacity and dependable quality, the LG LMX30995 is the perfect refrigerator.  It performs well, has great storage capacity, options, and it looks good.