LG LFX33975ST 32.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator – Energy Star

When it comes to brands that provide high quality, innovative products, LG is certainly at the top LFX33975ST B of that list and all it takes is a simple look at the LG LFX33975ST to see how they have incorporated their vision into this refrigerator.  LG is committed to making products and appliances that are designed around customer’s satisfaction and functionality. 

Their design choices are carefully chosen for how useful they are, and that is why the LG LFX33975ST is such a top selling refrigerator, it blends form and function into a beautiful refrigerator that is innovative and dependable.


The refrigerator’s dimensions are 35 3/4” x 70 1/4” x 37 1/8”

The total capacity of the refrigerator is 32.5 cu. ft.  Of that 32.5 cu. ft., 22 cu. ft. are for the refrigerated section and 10.5 cu. ft. are for the freezer.

The capacity is one of the largest in its class and is a very attractive feature, especially for large families. Shop less frequently because you can store more in the LG LFX33975ST than a smaller capacity refrigerator.  The extra capacity also means that you can store and organize easier, with less cramming. 

A crowded freezer and refrigerator mean that the air cannot circulate well, and that means your food will not stay as fresh.  The mega capacity of the LG LFX33975ST means that you can easily keep your refrigerator fully stocked, without stuffing it full to the gills, sacrificing freshness and flavor.


This model is available in stainless steel only with matching stainless steel handles. One of the downsides to this model is that it has no color options and while stainless steel has sleek, stylish look, it is harder to keep the exterior clean as fingerprints show up easily on stainless steel.

Exterior Design

LG has created a beautiful refrigerator with this model.  Refrigerators are the largest appliance in the kitchen and as such, they stand out.  Because of that, LG has made sure that your refrigerator is noticed, but in a good way. 

The stainless steel exterior and integrated control panel, along with the exterior ice and water dispenser give this refrigerator a sleek, modern feel that will look great in any kitchen.  The contoured door and matching handles add to the overall appeal of the exterior.  Say goodbye to hard to open freezer drawers. LG designed the Smart Pull handle so all you need to do is pull up slightly on the handle and your freezer door will glide openly for you.

This is a French door model refrigerator, which has a smart and sensible design.  Most people use the freezer section less than the refrigerated section so the French door design puts the freezer on the bottom and the refrigerated section on the top, so the things you use the most are easier to reach. 

The LCD touch control panel is easy to use and is integrated into the front of the refrigerator.  The temperature controls are LED so you can easily monitor the temperature.  The water and ice dispenser is tall so that even tall containers can easily fit. 

Interior Design and Features

This is where the real value comes in.  The LG LFX33975ST is full of features that make this a refrigerator worth buying. 

The capacity was mentioned in an earlier part but was not mentioned was the shelf space and organizational options that you have inside.  The icemaker is LG’s innovative Slim SpacePlus icemaker, so it takes less room, leaving more room for you to store your food. 

You will have ample ways to store your food with this refrigerator.  It features four split shelves with three of those shelves fixed and one is folding, for when you need extra room for tall items. This is a great feature because you can store tall items upright, not sideways.  The tempered glass shelves are spill proof, so if there is a spill, it stays localized.

There are two humidity crispers and a bonus drawer for extra room as well as LG’s signature Glide N’ Serve drawer.   That is not all, there are three small bins on the left side of the door and two adjustable gallons sized bins on the right door plus a dairy corner and a half door bin. The freezer has three drawers so you can easily organize your frozen foods for each access.

LG’s Smart Cooling Plus system features 11 temperature sensors so that the conditions in the refrigerator and freezer are regularly monitored to ensure that your humidity and temperature levels are right where you want them to be. 


LG stands behind their products and that is why they offer such an excellent warranty.  With this model you get a 10 year limited warranty on the linear compressor, a seven-year limited warranty on the sealed system and a one-year limited warranty on the parts and labor.

Consumer Rating

This model is rated 4.7 out of five stars on the product page on LG’s website.  The consumer rating is based on 99 consumer reviews that are posted on the LG website for this product.  It has received five stars for overall quality.

It has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which is handed out only to products that meet their strict reliability and performance standards. 

Pros LG LFX33975ST

•          Energy Star Appliance – Because this is an energy star qualified appliance, it uses less energy than a non-energy star refrigerator.  For an appliance like a refrigerator, which is in constant use, that is a big plus.

•          Excellent Warranty

•          French Door Design

•          Extra Capacity – 32.5 cubic feet of usable space puts this as one of the highest capacity models on the market.

•          Smart Cooling Technology

•          Excellent Interior Storage Options

•          Door Alarm and Child Lock Features

•          Exterior Water/Ice Dispenser


•          Stainless Steel Only – Without other color options, consumers who do not want to have fingerprints on their refrigerator will have to clean the exterior often.

•          Cost – The cost is above average and although it is an excellent value for the money due to the features and the capacity, it is still priced too high for some.

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Overall, the LG LFX33975ST is certainly worth owning.  The consumer rating, the features and the beautiful design of it all make this appliance that is highly appealing.