Introducing Newest LG’s 3-Door French-door Refrigerator – Model LFX32945

LG has been producing high quality and innovative products since 1958.  Although LG is known forLFX32945ST their top of line electronics, they bring the same innovation, attention to detail and high standards to their line of appliances.  When you see the LG brand on something, you know that you are getting the best, and LG’s 3-door French door refrigerator model LFX32945 is no exception.  LG’s has consistently produced products that are comfortable to use, stylish and innovative, and those core concepts are evident in this beautifully classic appliance.

We depend on our refrigerators so when our refrigerator breaks, it is a hassle.  Trying to find a refrigerator that looks nice, is dependable, works reliably, has enough capacity and has features that you need is hard.  Instead of being frustrated, make LG’s 3-door French door refrigerator model LFX32945 the first appliance that you looked. 

Built with LG’s superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, the LFX32945 is full of features that you will love.  This 3-door French door refrigerator is attractive inside and out.  The LFX32945 has a massive 33 cu. ft. of storage space.  Instead of being clunky, this extra-large capacity refrigerator is refreshingly stylish with unique storage options.  For families large or small, the LFX32945 is a smart choice.  The suggested retail value of the LFX32945 is $3,699 according to the manufacturer’s website.

Stylish French Door Design

Your kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and your refrigerator is the appliance that you use the most; it is also the largest appliance in your house.  When people come to your house, their eye is drawn to your refrigerator so naturally, you want to choose a refrigerator that is nice to the eye.  LG’s LFX32945 features a beautiful stainless steel surface, which will match the décor of any kitchen, bringing a touch of class. 

The refrigerator has hidden hinges and a contoured door, which gives it a classy and elegant look.  LG believes that appliances should look beautiful as well as work wonderfully and the LFX32945 combines the best of both worlds.  Gone are the days of plain refrigerators, thanks to LG. 

The LFX32945 is a French door refrigerator.  French door refrigerators are sensibly designed, unlike the side-by-side refrigerators.  Instead of bending and reaching the bottom of the refrigerator to reach your refrigerated items, they are placed towards the top.  You will be able to reach the things that you use the most without ever having to bend.  Your freezer section is at the bottom, which makes sense because you use that section the least. 

LG brings their expertise with electronics into the LFX32945.  The easy to use control panel is integrated into the exterior of the refrigerator so you can operate it with a single touch of your finger.  Along with the control panel, is a filtered water and ice dispenser, which is tall enough to accommodate tall containers.

Organize and Store with Ease

Often, you lose usable space because of the icemaker but LG’s Slim SpacePlus icemaker ensures that you have plenty of ice and plenty of room. LG icemaker takes up less room, that leave you more room for food storage.   Do not let the slim profile of the icemaker fool you; it can produce 3.5lbs of ice daily.

When it comes to space, the LFX32945 gives you plenty.  The freezer has two drawers so you can easily organize your frozen foods.  Inside the refrigerator, you will find room for all of your fresh food so you can store and organize easily.

The refrigerator door features 2 adjustable gallon size bins, 4 regular door bins, 1 half bin and a dairy corner. Inside the refrigerator, you will find 3 fixed tempered glass shelves with LG’s spill protector technology to contain spills and 1 folding shelf.  There are also 2 crispers that are humidity controlled and a bonus crisper drawer.

Key Features of the LFX32945, 3 Door French Door Refrigerator

There is more than just a beautiful exterior that will make you fall in love with LG’s 3-door French door refrigerator.  The key features are what make this refrigerator stand out above the competition.

For one, it offers 33 cu. ft. of usable space.  Stop trying to fit food into a smaller refrigerator because with 33 cu. ft. you will be able to fit all of your food items into the refrigerator, neatly and without having to stuff and cram. 

LG has created a truly innovative storage feature, the door-in-door design.  Store your snacks, your beverages and the foods that you use the most inside this unique feature.  Not only does it give you extra organization options, you use lesser energy since you are not opening the entire refrigerator for your most used items.

Speaking of energy, the LFX32945 is Energy Star compliant.  Thanks to the features of this refrigerator, your energy bill, will be reduced because the refrigerator uses 25% less energy than federal standards require. 


In addition to being stylish, the LFX32945 contains a bevy of features that make it a good choice such as extra capacity, ample storage space, and great features.  Other pros are that the refrigerator comes with a 10 year limited warranty on the linear compressor, has LG’s Smart Cooling Plus System including temperature sensors and air vents.  The features speak for themselves.


For families on a budget, the price can be out of their price range.  However, compared to the features, the durability and the quality of this refrigerator, the price is reasonable.

The bottom line is that if you want a refrigerator that is roomy, elegant and will give you years of reliable use, choose LG’s LFX32945.