LG LFX31945 Super Capacity 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Door-in-Door

We demand a lot out of our appliances, as we should. After all, they are not cheap and we depend on them greatly so when you are shopping for an appliance, you want something that is dependable, that works well and that is reliable.  LG delivers on all of those and their LG LFX31945 is a stellar example of how LG is committed to providing quality appliances that have features that you need.

LG LFX31945 ALG is constantly striving to provide new, innovative features that are designed well and serve a useful purpose and the LG LFX31945 is a prime example. Design and style have always been strong points with LG and this model does not disappoint. 


35 ¾” x 70 ¼” x 36 ¼” are the dimensions for this refrigerator. 

The refrigerator has an extra-large storage capacity of 30.5 cubic feet.  Of the 30.5 cubic feet, 20.5 cubic feet is for refrigerated storage and 10 cubic feet is for the freezer storage.


There is only one color option for this model and that is stainless steel with matching stainless steel contoured handles. 

Although stainless steel has a contemporary appearance, it does show fingerprints easily.  In order to keep the exterior fingerprint free, it will need to be cleaned frequently.

Exterior Design

LG has always made elegant appliances that fit beautifully into any kitchen and this is certainly no exception.  With its sleek stainless steel exterior, this refrigerator will add class to any kitchen, fitting in well with the décor and the appliances that are already there. 

The LED touch display panel is integrated into the exterior door for a seamless look.  The controls are easy to use and feature one touch controls with LED temperature displays so that you can easily see what the temperature is.

The water and ice dispenser is external and locates next to the control panel.  This extra tall filtered dispenser is perfect for dispensing chilled water and ice without necessitating the opening of the doors.  The less you open your refrigerator and freezer doors, the more energy you save.

The French door design is another attractive design choice.  It is far more sensible than traditional side-by-side models.  Your family uses the refrigerated section the most, so the foods that you use the most are place where they are most accessible, towards the top. 

Interior Design and Features

LG has brought out the big guns for innovation with this refrigerator.  The most outstanding feature is the door-in-door design.  How often do you open the refrigerator to get something to drink, only have a family member open it right after you? The more you open the refrigerator, the more the compressor must run.  LG has solved that with the door-in-door design.

Keep the drinks and things that you use the most, in this third door, so when you or your family wants to access it, they only open the very outer door, not the entire refrigerator. You have access to the items you use the most, without having to fully open your refrigerator. 

The Slim SpacePlus icemaker ensures that you have more room to store food; it takes up very little room.   Inside, you will find that you have ample storage options.

The freezer has three drawers and an ice bin, for when you need extra ice.  The interior of the refrigerator has several ways for you to organize in this large capacity model.  There are four tempered glass split shelves and one folding shelf.  All shelves have LG’s spill protector technology so spills are easily contained and cleaned up.

There are two crispers with humidity control, plus a bonus drawer that is located in between the two crispers.  This drawer is smaller but perfect for extra storage for storing fruits and vegetables.  There is a Glide N Server drawer that is a full width so you can store larger items, including party trays, cakes or use it as a handy place to store deli items, cheeses, and snacks for the family.  There are a total of 6 door bins, 2 of which are gallon size/adjustable bins.

The interior has side and ceiling LED lights so the interior is always clearly lit. With 10 temperature sensors, the Smart Cooling Plus system monitors the conditions inside and ensures that the air is kept circulating.

This is an energy star qualified device.  You will see a reduction in your utility bill because it uses 20% less energy than non-energy star appliances will.


LG has an excellent warranty.  They offer a limited warranty on the parts and labor (1 year), the sealed system (7 years) and the linear compressor (10 years.)  They offer such a good warranty because they know that their products are high quality.

Consumer Rating

The LG LFX31945 has received the coveted Good Housekeeping Seal, awarded only to products that pass their performance and reliability standards.  When you see their seal, you know that the product is high quality indeed and that you can trust that product to perform.

On the product page on LG’s website, this refrigerator has received a rating of 4.8 out of five stars; 420 reviews were included in the rating.  97% of all consumers would recommend this refrigerator to a friend.

ProsLG LFX31945

•          Extra Large Capacity

•          Storage Options

•          Energy Star

•          Innovative Door-in-Door feature

•          Smart Cooling

•          Easy to Use Touch Digital Controls

•          Child Lock and Door Alarm

•          Water/ Ice dispenser


•          Price – Above average price but when you weigh the price against the features, the capacity and the performance, it is worth the value.

•          Fingerprints – Because it only comes in stainless steel, fingerprints will show easily on the exterior.

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When shopping for appliances, you want appliances that will last, but still look good.  The LG LFX31945 gets high marks on both; it is full of attractive features that many refrigerators do not have and these make the price well worth it.