LG’s Latest 3-Door Refrigerator Model LFX29945 taking Users to a New Level

This LG’s 3 Door Refrigerator is able to keep your food fresher for longer and an energy efficient one. The new models help your food storage and organization much easier and more convenient than ever.

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When making a major appliance purchase, such a refrigerator, it pays to do your homework.  Going to the store is fine, but salespeople always steer you towards the most expensive model.  However, the most expensive refrigerator may not be the best refrigerator for your family or your needs.  If you are looking for a refrigerator with innovative features, better ways to organize, lots of capacity, the ability to make enough ice for your family and have it look sleek and professional then you need to look no further than LG’s 3-door refrigerator model LXF29945.

What makes the LXF29945 a good choice?  First of all, it is made by LG. LG produces quality appliances that are the perfect blend of sleek stylishness and innovative function and their 3-door refrigerator model LXF29945 is no exception.  LG is a trusted brand, and that gives you the peace of mind that your new refrigerator will give you years and years of reliable and dependable use.

In fact, your peace of mind is assured because of LG’s warranty.  The linear compressor has a 10-year warranty.  The sealed system, which ensures quality freshness and optimal temperature conditions, has a 7-year warranty, and there is a one-year warranty on parts and labor.  You will not find a better warranty.

Key Features

The features are what makes this a winning refrigerator.  Let us look at some of the best features of LG’s LXF29945 refrigerator.

Elegant French Door Design

The LG LXF29945 has a beautifully sleek stainless steel exterior, giving this refrigerator a classic and timeless look.  This refrigerator will look amazing in any kitchen, especially yours.  It will draw the eye to it, and since it is the most used appliance in the house, it should be attractive and worth noticing.  The control panel is nicely integrated into the exterior of the refrigerator, along with the filtered ice/water dispenser.  The doors are contoured for an extra touch of elegance.

When it comes to finding a refrigerator that suits your family, French door refrigerators are perfect for all families.  You and your family very likely only open your freezer a fraction of the amount that you open your refrigerator.  Instead of the side-by-side design, where you have to reach or bend down to get to some of your favorite food, especially your crisper and deli drawers, the sensibly designed French door refrigerator places them at the top, no more stretching or bending.

Capacity and Organization

The LG LXF29945 has 29 cu. ft. of space so there is plenty of room in both the freezer and the refrigerator for food storage.  For families that need the extra capacity, this is a great buy.  LG’s ice system is designed for slimness, so it takes up less room, giving you more room.

When it comes to the organization and storage, you will not find a better refrigerator, partially thanks to the unique three-door design.  How often do you or your family open the refrigerator just to get juice, snacks or other items that you use the most?  Thanks to the 3-door design, you can reach those most used items without opening the refrigerator all the way; just open the first door your items are right there, without needing to open up the main door; LG’s excellent innovation at its finest.

Other Features

Here are some other features that you will love:LGS_REFRIGERATOR_LFX29945_2

•          Dual icemakers so you will never run out of ice.  The LXF29945 can make 5.5 lbs of ice daily and can store 7.2lbs of ice.

•          Energy Star Compliant, so you know that when you use this refrigerator that you are saving on your energy bills.  Beautiful, reliable and it uses less energy; see the savings on your monthly bills add up.

•          Smart Cooling is LG’s system for keeping your food fresh. Thanks to sensors that tell the linear compressor to work when it needs to and vents that help keep the air circulating to maximum freshness.


  • Capacity
  • Ice/water dispenser
  • French door design
  • Ample ways to store and organize
  • 2 Freezer drawers
  • 7 door bins
  • 4 interior shelves
  • 3-Door design
  • 2 humidity crispers plus bonus drawer
  • Full-width glide out deli drawer
  • LED interior lights


•          Stainless steel exterior shows finger prints easily

When your refrigerator needs replacing, shopping for a replacement can be a hassle.  If you are looking for a high quality refrigerator, the LG LXF29945 is the refrigerator that is perfect for your kitchen.