LG LFC20770ST French Door Refrigerator – Why Simplicity is Sometimes Better

LG has long been an innovator when it comes to merging technology and design. The way that LG seamlessly blends a product’s interface with style and concept is apparent, and surprisingly, even in their appliances.  Once upon a time, refrigerators only needed to keep frozen foods frozen and perishables cold but now, refrigerators are more advanced and LG’s LFC20770ST has certainly impressed me with not only how it looks but also how well it performs.  

The hallmark of any refrigerator is how well it works; looking good while it does so is often just a side benefit.  Choosing a refrigerator based on looks alone is asking for trouble. One of the problems that I have with most refrigerators is the lack of ability to organize the interior, but LG’s ingenious design has created a refrigerator that has no shortage of space for organizing.  The LFC20770ST is an example of how well style and function can come together in an appliance. 


The dimensions on this model are 29 7/8” x 68 5/8” x 33 3/8”.  The LFC20770ST will easily fit into a 30” opening, perfect for smaller kitchens that cannot accommodate a larger refrigerator.  The LFC20770ST is versatile enough to fit into nearly all kitchens. 

Despite its smaller dimensions, there are 20 cubic feet of usable space. For a smaller refrigerator, it is very spacious inside. However, for families looking for an extra-large capacity refrigerator, this model will probably not satisfy.  


There are three color options for the LFC20770ST, stainless steel, smooth black and smooth white.  The handles come in matching colors to the exterior surface for a seamless look. 

Stainless steel looks classy and elegant, but fingerprints tend to show up very easy. For families with children, the smooth black and the smooth white colors are better options because fingerprints will not be as noticeable on either of those surfaces. 

Exterior Design 

Refrigerators should look good; they are the appliance that occupies the most space in the kitchen.  The LFC20770ST has a simple, classy exterior.  If you are looking for a bells and whistles refrigerator, this is not it.  There is no external water or ice dispenser on this model. 

The exterior is sleek and smooth with contoured doors, a toe grille and hidden hinges. The exterior is simplistic but beautiful.  The curved handles do not stick out too far, and they flow along with the contour of the door very nicely.  

The French door design is currently very popular with consumers because there is less bending and reaching to reach the items in the refrigerator that they use the most. The downside to this model is that because there is no exterior icemaker, the icemaker is in the freezer section, at the bottom.  For families that use a lot of ice, this is not idea because they must open their freezer in order to get ice each time, which makes the compressor work harder. 

Interior Design and Features 

For ease of discussion, I am going to break down this section and go over each feature separately. 

• Energy Star Compliant – Yes, the LFC20770ST is energy star compliant, but given LG’s commitment to the environment, this is not surprising.  Naturally, the advantage of using this refrigerator is that it will save money on your utility bills vs using a non-energy star compliant refrigerator. 

• Door Alarm – For families with small children or seniors, having a door alarm is a big plus because you are alerted very quickly that the door is not shut all of the way. 

• LED Lighting – The LED lighting easily illuminates the refrigerator with a soft light, LED lighting is more energy efficient that a traditional appliance light bulb is, and the lighting reaches throughout the refrigerator, not just the top shelf or two. 

• Multi-Air Flow – Without airflow, food will go bad quicker.  With four internal digital sensors and several vents, LG’s Multi Air Flow system monitors the conditions of your refrigerator to keep air flowing and the temperature just where you want it to be.  

• 2 Freezer drawers – The pull drawer for the freezers opens easily, no force needed, and there are two drawers and an ice bin in the freezer.  Frozen foods can easily be stored.  Downside is that you need to open the freezer to get ice. 

• 6 Gallon Size door bins – Many refrigerators have limited space for gallon containers on the door, but the LFC20770ST has 6 bins that will all hold a gallon sized container, a clear plus for families that store larger size beverages. 

• Glide N’ Serve Drawer – The full size pantry drawer is one of LG’s trademark features.  This handy drawer is perfect for storing larger items that you usually have to try to squeeze onto the interior shelves.  It is a convenient spot to store deli foods and snacks. 

• 2 humidity controlled crisper bins – Your produce will last longer and taste fresher. The humidity controlled crispers work very well, perfect for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh.  This is a plus for families that prefer to buy fresh vegetables instead of frozen because the vegetables will last longer. 

• 2 fixed shelves – The fixed shelves are made from tempered glass of resilient material


There is a 7-year warranty on the sealed system and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.  The warranty is comparable to other warranties; it is standard but offers nothing exceptional to the consumer. 

Consumer Rating 

On the LG website, the LFC20770ST has received a 95% positive rating and has been given 4.6 out of five stars by consumers.  Out of 141 customers who rated the LFC20770ST on LG’s website, 134 of them would recommend this model to a friend.  I think that the overall positive rating speaks for itself. 


•          Elegant design 

•          Fits into smaller kitchens 

•          Ample storage space 

•          Attractive interior features 


•          No exterior ice maker/ water dispenser 

•          20 cubic feet might not be enough storage for larger families 

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For families that want a no-nonsense and dependable refrigerator, I would certainly recommend the LG LFC20770ST.  It may not have all of the bells and whistles of fancier appliances but the performance is solid, and the key features make it a good buy for the money.