LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator Review

LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator reviewThe LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator has  a 4 compartment crisper that gives you easy control in organizing fresh fruits and vegetables. It comprises a full-width Glide-N-Serve drawer with an additional drawer for very delicate food and 2 humidity controlled drawers.

Interior Shelves are spill proof thus preventing leakage below to other compartments. The Shelves are also made of tempered glass allowing easy visibility and access in adjustments. The Interior of the freezer has a full-width drawer that accommodates frozen foods easily and the DuraBase has a provision for handy cleaning.

The unit has a built in ice making machine that produces ice instantly and can be adjusted for your convenience. Its energy star rating is guaranteed for efficiency in its operation.

Multi Air Flow vents are fitted on every compartment to allow equal flow of cold air while being regulated based on the demand of each storage division.


  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Refined look on doors and handles
  • Spill Protector Tempered Glass
  • Versatile Crisper Compartments
  • LED Digital temperature Controls
  • Door Alarm
  • 1 year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • 7 clear Gallon-sized door baskets
  • Ice maker
  • Tier 3 rating 


LG 25 CF Black French Door RefrigeratorFunctionality: LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator offers everything you need in a fridge and a bit more!

Technology: Efficiency in energy has made the LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator achieve its height of success. It has allowed itself to diversify its features and use them to develop other achievements. The multi air flow vents that were installed on every compartment are among the top of the line engineering innovations of LG. It permits air regulation and assures continuous flow all around the compartments. The LED lighting installed in designated areas of the storage compartments does not interfere with the cooling action of the whole system. They don’t generate any heat and merely act as guiding lights when you open any of the three doors.




Warranty: The warranties of the LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator have been the main concern for people who bought this unit. A few users have complained about the slow reaction to their product claims.

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 What Other users are Saying

The feedback we are seeing online regarding the LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator has been extremely positive we are seeing comments like ‘Seems like twice the interior space of my old fridge, but takes up the same space in the kitchen’ and ‘I love this refrigerator. Very quiet and I have so much room! I love all the adjustable space on the doors and inside with the shelves’

Customers are commenting on how quiet the fridge is, the functional shelving and they loved the ice maker. The main complaints for the product were as mentioned earlier the issues with the warranty.

This Review from Jane on Amazon is a well balanced critique

The shelves are strong if two are side-by-side on the same level (if they are NOT on the same level, they are a little shaky) and they can slide out a few inches to leave room for a tall bottle of wine on the shelf below. The discreet occasional beep might not alert you to a door left open…Read More Here


 LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator is designed to look good in your kitchen. Its features and functions engineered to meet the ever changing demands of every household. The premium finish and matching handles that are incorporated with every LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator will make your kitchen look elegant.