GE PYE23PSDSS Profile Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

GE has applied themselves to making appliances that meet and exceed what the average person expects.  They make innovative products that are comfortable to use, stylish and simplify how you live your life. GE’s PYE23PSDSS refrigerator features the same quality that is expected from GE while providing everyday solutions that people want to see in their appliances.  

Appliances need to be useful, gadgets and gizmos are okay for products, but for your refrigerator, every feature should be something that you will use. With the PYE23PSDSS you are not getting a refrigerator with features that will go to waste, you are getting a refrigerator with features that you will wonder how you ever did without it. 


The dimensions of this refrigerator are 69 7/8” x 35 3/4” x 31 1/4”.  This is a counter depth refrigerator so it fits flush with nearly all cabinets. This eliminates the problem that comes with having a refrigerator that sticks out further than your cabinets do. Not only is it not attractive to have a large appliance that sticks out further from the cabinets, but when you try to open the refrigerator doors fully, they will bump against the cabinets, which can damage the cabinets and the refrigerator doors. The PYE23PSDSS is counter-depth so it easily fits flush. 

The total capacity of this model is 23.1 cubic feet of usable space. The refrigerated section has 16.1 cubic feet of space and the freezer has 7 cubic feet of space.  

Often, counter-depth refrigerators are made smaller, so you lose usable storage space, but this model gives you plenty of storage room, while still being counter-depth. This is perfect for smaller or tightly planned out kitchen.


This model comes in stainless steel only. The handles are stainless steel and chrome for a sleek and seamless look. The downside for consumers with small children is that fingerprints will show up easily on the stainless steel doors. 

Exterior Design 

GE has made a very pleasing refrigerator with an elegant and sleek touch. The PYE23PSDSS has contoured doors, designer handles and hidden door hinges. Refrigerators should be three things, they should work well, have useful features and they should be attractive. As the largest appliance in the kitchen, refrigerators should be eye catching and this model is certainly eye catching. 

The stainless steel exterior is sophisticated and elegant and the doors are integrated for a touch of elegance. This is a French door refrigerator, which is has replaced the old traditional side-by-side refrigerator layout. Side-by-side refrigerators are outdated and when you buy the PYE23PSDSS, your kitchen will be instantly updated with this modern looking refrigerator. The French door design makes sense, less bending and stretching to find that the food items you use the most.  

GE PYE23PSDSSThere are an integrated LCD control screen/panel and an ice and water dispenser. Because GE believes allowing consumers to add a personal touch, you can use a flash drive to upload photos to the LCD display, which is in color.

The control panel is easy to use, with touch function on the screen so you can easily monitor and adjust the setting for your refrigerator. The ice and water dispenser is tall, so you can easily fill water bottles and larger containers. GE has both auto fill and accurate fill functions.  

With autofill, you can set down your container and go do something else; the dispenser will stop when the container is full.  The precise fill setting is for cooking, you can select the exact amount that you need and that is all that is dispensed. 

Interior Design and Features 

GE has not stopped there; the features of the inside are just as innovative and attractive as the outside features are. GE has brought their flair for combining function and design to the interior of this refrigerator, as well. Some notable interior features are: 

• TwinChill evaporators – two separate environments in the refrigerated section and the freezer, your food will always be fresh and always be at the optimal temperature. 

•  Full-width drawer – Other refrigerators have a humidity controlled full-width drawer, but GE has gone one step further with their drawer which has five different temperature settings for just that drawer, so whatever you store in that drawer, it is sure to be fresh for longer. 

• Space saving ice machine so you have more room to store food 

• Door alarm –If the door is kept open, the alarm will sound 

• Energy Star – This energy star qualified appliance uses less power so you save money on your bill 

• 2 adjustable humidity crisper drawers 

• 5 interior shelves  – one full-width and four split/adjustable shelves; one quick space shelf for when you need extra room 

• 6 door bins  – two of which are adjustable 

• Drop down tray and a dairy compartment 

• 3 freezer baskets 


GE offers a warranty on this product. There are a 1-year limited warranty on the parts and the labor for the entire appliance. There are a limited 5-year warranty on the parts and the labor for the sealed refrigeration system. This is in line with most refrigerator warranties. 

Consumer Rating 

The PYE23PSDSS has a 4.4 rating on the GE website; the 4.4 rating is out of 49 consumer reviews made directly on the GE website.


•          Counter-depth so it easily fits into almost any kitchen 

•          Ample storage space and shelving 

•          Ice/water dispenser on the door 

•          Easy to use LCD touch control panel 


•          No color options other than stainless steel 

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When making a major appliance purchase, you want value for your money. You want something that delivers on the quality of construction, the durability of the product, something that performs well and looks good. The PYE23PSDSS gets high marks in all sections.



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