Frigidaire FGUB2642L Energy Star 2 with SpaceWise Organization Review

When replacing a large appliance, such as a refrigerator, you want to have something that not only Frigidaire FGUB2642Lworks well, but that is stylish in appearance, and the Frigidaire FGUB2642L has the best of both worlds.  Frigidaire, who has a long-standing tradition of producing quality refrigerators, has given consumers a sleek and stylish refrigerator that is elegant in appearance while not skimping on the efficiency of the refrigerator or the quality.

Your refrigerator is a prominent feature in your kitchen, so naturally you want one that please to the eye.  The Frigidaire FGUB2642L is beautiful and has a pleasing, stylish design that will fit well with the décor of your kitchen.  In terms of features, there are many features that make this an attractive choice.

 Key Features 

• The Frigidaire FGUB2642L is a French door refrigerator.  Having a French door refrigerator is highly desirable because the design makes sense.  Your freezer section, which you access less often than your refrigerator, is on the bottom and your refrigerated section is towards the top, so you can easily grab what you need without bending down.  The things that you use the most are easy to get, and that is why French door refrigerators are a preferred style.

• Frigidaire’s SpaceWise organization* allows you to customize the interior of your refrigerator.  There are at least 100 different ways that you can customize the interior of your refrigerator so that you can organize it exactly how you like it.  Even the crisper drawers can be rearranged so that they are stacked or even side-by-side and their door bins have ample room for gallon-sized items.  There is also a full-width refrigerated drawer so you can store larger items easily.

• The filtered ice and water dispenser on the door with Express-Select controls for easy, one-finger use.  The control panel is built into the dispenser so you can easily see and change your refrigerator settings with the touch of a button.

• Energy Star compliant to run efficiently, so you pay less in utility charges.

* SpaceWise® Organization System makes it easy to keep food organized and easy to find when you need it.

Pros Frigidaire FGUB2642L 2

• Spacious with 25.8 cu. ft. of space

• Energy Star

• Runs quietly

• Water and ice dispenser

• Refrigerator interior can be organized in a variety of ways

• Easy open drawers glide open

• Easy to use controls


• Freezer does not allow the same degree of organization as the refrigerator section

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Customer Reviews 

The following review is taken from the product’s page on the Frigidaire website. 

Jim says that, “Installed this unit today and find it to be one of the best I have ever owned…Adjustable racks are easy to use and load to my needs. Icemakers are fast and excellent in their production of ice both in the top and lower units. Filter system is excellent and provides carefree clean water and ice. “ Your refrigerator is one of the heaviest used appliances in your home; so when you need a new one, you want one that performs well and looks good.  The Frigidaire FGUB2642L is just the refrigerator that you are looking for thanks to its attractive design, capacity and features.