Electrolux EI27BS16J Standard-Depth French Door Refrigerator with IQ-Touch Controls Review

Shopping for refrigerators is not usually on the tops of anybody’s list of their favorite things to do;Electrolux EI27BS16J 2 so if you are looking for a new refrigerator, look at the Electrolux EI27BS16J.  Available in stainless steel, white or black, this stunningly stylish refrigerator will look good in any kitchen.  If you want a refrigerator that performs well and looks elegant, make this your first stop when looking for a refrigerator and it will likely be your only stop.

Key Features

In many refrigerators, in order to get enough capacity, you end up with a refrigerator that might look nice, but it does not fit well into your kitchen, sticking out past your cabinets.  The Electrolux EI27BS16J is a standard-depth refrigerator so that it will neatly fit into your kitchen without sticking out; the best part is that it is surprising spacious.  There is 26.6 cu. ft. of usable space so that there is room for everything. 

The French door design is a sensible design; not only does it look attractive, but it is efficient.  You use your refrigerator far more often than your freezer, so the freezer is at the bottom.  Your refrigerated items are at the top, where you can get them easier, without ever bending down.  Keep the foods that you use the most where you can reach them easier.

When it comes to organizing your refrigerator, Electrolux has several innovative features that make their products top sellers.  This model include the Cool Zone drawer, a full width pull out drawer to keep larger items, or items that you use the most such as snacks, easy at hand.  Both of the crisper drawers are humidity controlled so that your produce is always fresh.  The Cool Zone drawer and the crisper drawers feature Luxury Glide technology so that they open easily.  

Glass shelves slide out, making it easy to get what you need.  In the event of a spill, the shelves are Electrolux’s Spillsafe shelves, all spills are contained for easy clean-up.

The freezer features Luxury Glide as well so that the drawers are easy to open, and they extend fully, so you will never have to dig around to find what you need.


  • Energy Star certifiedElectrolux EI27BS16J 3
  • 26.6 cu. ft. capacity
  • Counter-depth
  • Automatic ice maker
  • LED lighting
  • Open door alarm
  • Power failure alert
  • Temperature alert
  • IQ Touch controls
  • Amble shelve and door bin space
  • Cool Zone drawer with Luxury-Glide
  • Spillsafe shelves


  • No water/ice dispenser on door
  • Freezer compartment is small
  • To open the Cool Zone drawer you need to open both doors
  • Ice cubes in the ice maker jam easily

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Customer Reviews

The following review excerpt was taken from the product’s page on the Electrolux website.

BCS stated in their review, “It was exactly what I was looking for.  I have no complaints.”

When it comes to appliances, you want something that stands out, a refrigerator that is elegant, spacious, and with nice features.  The Electrolux EI27BS16J has all of these, and it is certainly a recommended buy.