Review of Bosch B36ET71SNS 20 cu. ft. Integra Series French Door Refrigerator – Stainless Steel

Shopping for appliances has never been a favorite of mine, but I also like to think that I am a well-informed shopper and my friends know that I am a savvy shopper.  I do not arbitrarily buy something, especially a very important appliance because it looks nice in the store. 

I look up consumer reviews on toasters, and because of that, when my sister needed a new refrigerator, she took me along to the appliance store.  I have to say, that out of all of the refrigerators that we inspected, the Bosch B36ET71SNS 20 cu. ft. Integra Series French Door Refrigerator with the Stainless Steel finish was perhaps my pick of the day. 

Key Features of the Bosch B36ET71SNS Bosch B36ET71SNS 20 cu. ft. Integra Series French Door Refrigerator

Despite being only 20 cu. Ft. this refrigerator actually looks very roomy.  My sister has a smaller kitchen and this is the perfect fit.  Larger refrigerators simply do not fit well in a smaller space, even if they technically fit, when you open the doors, they can bump the cabinets.  This innovate refrigerator is designed to be flush with your cabinetry and it features a unique hinge design that means that when you open its doors, it will open out and away from your cabinets. 

Other key features that I found set this make and model apart from the others are:

  • Innovative duel evaporator and dual compressor to ensure that both the refrigerator, including the crisper, and  the freezer will stay at their optimal temperature and humidity levels
  • Deli drawer that is full-width, so you can easily access deli meat, cheese and even snacks and juice boxes for your children so you can quickly get what you need and close the door again
  • Freezer drawer is very spacious
  • Drawers extend out fully so items in the back are easily reached
  • Can be put into vacation or economy mode to be more energy efficient
  • Includes carbon air filters for odor control
  • Alarm that tells you when the door is open
  • Door bins that will fit a gallon of milk


  • Flush design
  • Stainless Steel is stylish and attractive
  • Energy star
  • Dual compressor and dual evaporator to quickly get the temperature and humidity levels to where you want them to be. 
  • Energy Star Qualified


  • 20 cu. Ft. means that larger families might not find this as attractive as a refrigerator because it holds less.
  • No water dispenser
  • Ice maker is inside, you need to open the doors to get ice

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Customer Reviews

Bosch B36ET71SNS 20 cu. ft. Integra Series French Door Refrigerator 2The sales clerk said that the Bosch B36ET71SNS 20 cu. ft. Integra Series French Door Refrigerator is a popular model for people looking for a smaller refrigerator.  A quick look at the manufacturer’s site did not have any reviews but on the product’s Amazon page, this review was posted by Alejandro, “I checked out this refrigerator and it is fantastic.”

I am surprised that there were no reviews on the Bosch site, perhaps because it is not a manufacturer that is as widely recognized, but the quality and features of this refrigerator make it a very nice package indeed, a great blend of form and function.