About Us

F.D.R.R is the only few websites that will provide viewers with unbiased, and honest reviews about French door refrigerators.

Why? Because at F.D.R.R we ensure that real customers and users of the product write the reviews for future and potential users. It is fundamentally important for us to make sure that users, who have had the product experience and are thoroughly familiar with the product, write the reviews.

This is because it allows space for honest and candid feedback that will be beneficial for decision-making for future users.

Don Mar

FDRR was founded by Don Mar in 2011, and the platform has been flourishing since. Don has been previously associated with a number of different electronic firms internationally as well as nationally and has also worked with Japan’s leading MNC as an analytical engineer.

Along with him, two other industrialists with considerable knowledge and experience in the industry and field work towards ensuring that the website provides authentic and real product reviews for customers and future use.

The feedback from the customers also allows parent companies towards product enhancement and improvement. It allows positive as well as negative comments and opinions, and the truth of the customer experience. This ultimately allows the parent-product company to take note of loopholes, and it tries to cover them up. 

The idea of candid customer feedback is a growing phenomenon in industries, and Don has taken considerable time in raising awareness of the importance of feedback sites and feedback values through seminars in countries like Australia, Japan, UK and Canada, since 2010. The initiative is significant as it allows unfiltered content available, which can be used by everyone, and is available at everyone’s disposal for use, free of cost.

FDRV works on the same dynamics and knowledge, allowing customers a chance to work in creation of content and feedback without any restrictions or holding back. This is a cultivating exercise, whereby existing products improve performance and reliability, and potential customers’ access feedback and reviews from real-time users of the product itself, instead of hired marketers or professional sellers.

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