What you need to know about Samsung T9000

Basic information

For many people,  the fridge is one of the most important elements in the kitchen, but oftenSamsung T9000 Four-Door Refrigerator 2 leads to disappointments and frustrations. Samsung’s new French door refrigerator T9000 is a promising refrigerator that uses a new cooling technology. It provides a wide selection of useful extras to users. 

This fridge is one of the largest refrigerators which can be found on the market these days. It offers functions that new and exciting. Thanks to the four doors all areas are easily accessible.

The T9000 has a so-called cool-select shelf that can be put into the fridge as customers prefer. It can be used to program four different cooling zones:

• Freezing zone (-17 to -23 degree Celsius) 

• Soft-Frost zone (-5 degree Celsius) 

• Chill Zone (-1 degree Celsius) 

• Cool Zone (+2 degree Celsius) 

The refrigerator’s sensor system (13 sensors on the outside and inside) ensures that the temperatures within the refrigerator are always perfect in the different zones. A high and intelligent system also helps with saving power: The fridge knows the difference between night and day and adjusts the use of the compressor accordingly. During the day, the doors of the fridge will naturally be opened more often, and the fridge will have to work differently to keep the temperatures right. During the night, however, the doors will usually remain closed, so the fridge slows down the compressor and saves a lot of energy.

A lot of space for everything 

The Samsung T9000 has enough storage space for even the biggest families. It has a capacity of Mega Capacity T9000_01up to 900 liters, which is equivalent to the content of 32 average sized shopping bags from the supermarket. Thanks to smart design and the flexible shelves it is easy to store a significant amount of different items in it – and do not have to comprise when it comes to the temperatures. It can store everything at the temperature it needs and get the best cooling results; does no matter whether need to cool a roast, fruit, salads, drinks or the leftovers from dinner.

Optional: Touchscreen with internet connection

There is an optional of this refrigerator with a touchscreen that can be connected to the internet via WiFi. There are pre-installed apps, which provide a convenience for users to find ideas. There are suggestions on what to cook and even share your own recipes with other people. Of course, there have been refrigerators with internet connections before, but customers never took a liking to them. Those fridges were more like games and not helpful. The Samsung T9000 is different in that regard: the apps are not just for playing but for being useful.

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Useful functions 

The Samsung T9000 French door refrigerator offers solutions for problems people usually have with a fridge.

Some of the advantages are: 

 •          foldable shelve for flexibility, e.g. if there is a need to store something bigger that would otherwise not fit 

 •          LED lights that make it easy to see everything inside the fridge. These LED have the advantage that they do not heat up and are very energy efficient 

  •         Easy Big Guard: Thanks to this system, storing big bottles or cartons of milk is not a problem anymore. They will not fall over and can even store smaller bottles in front. 

  •         The shelves can be pulled out easily: this is very helpful if there is a need to reach something at the back of the fridge.