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The 5 Best French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

It’s the same old story. You make it home with a trunk filled with groceries only to realize your tiny side-by-side refrigerator won’t hold any of it. So in a desperate attempt to ensure your latest grocery store venture was not in vain, you start the arduous task of moving things around within the fridge like a game of Tetris. You aggressively put packages on their sides in hopes to jam in your favorite microwave pizza box. You stack left-over containers on top of one another in a feeble attempt to make room for that large deli platter you ordered for the family. You work feverishly only to realize that no matter what you do, there is just not enough room. And as you look down at the gallon of milk with no home, you finally accept the inevitable: it’s time for a new fridge. 

But you don’t want just any old refrigerator. You want one that is arranged for convenience. After all, you are sick and tired of having to bend down constantly in order to reach for things in the crisper drawer. You want something with flexible storage options, so you don’t have to play that game of Tetris every time you go to the grocery store. You want everything to fit smoothly and nicely. You want a spacious refrigerator that both has a stylish design and helps conserve energy because you deserve a refrigerator that looks good and environmental friendly. What you want is a French door bottom freezer refrigerator. But in a quickly growing market filled with thousands of options, the question quickly becomes which one? If you are tired of the tiny side by side refrigerator and want to upgrade to the beautiful and luxurious French door models, here are the top 5 bottom freezer refrigerators that will make you and your food happy. 

1. The LG 25 CF French Door Refrigerator- Black, MSRP $1699.00 

Beautiful. Elegant. Spacious. The Rolls Royce of bottom freezer refrigerators. If luxury is whatLG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator you’re after, then look no further than LG’s gorgeous 25 CF French door refrigerator. Fully equipped with LED lighting, adjustable shelves, a factory installed ice maker, and upfront LED digital temperature controls, the 25 CF French door is the perfect blend of power and style.

Do you worry about food spoilage? With its Multi-Air Flow technology, this bottom freezer refrigerator vents cold air onto each shelf for a more uniform temperature throughout the fridge. It also has 5 digital sensors that monitor the temperature within the refrigerator, freezer, and in the room itself to ensure your food stays spoil free. 

Need more space? The LG 25 CF French door refrigerator comes with seven-gallon-sized door baskets that allow you to store your milk or juice on the door instead of taking up valuable space on the shelves. It also offers a four compartment crisper system that gives you a convenient way to organize your fruits, vegetables, and beverages. The freezer also comes with a DuraBase full width drawer and a full width, wire drawer, which offer you plenty of room to store your frozen foods. 

Looking for a fridge that isn’t a hassle to clean? With 4 slide out Spill Protector tempered shelves and DuraBase freezer bins that are easily removed, LG’s bottom freezer refrigerator is a breeze to clean. 

Finally, if you’re looking for higher power and lower electricity bills, this model boasts a Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tier III rating, meaning that it will greatly decrease your energy consumption and electricity bills while making a positive impact on the environment. 

2. The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM 24.8 Cubic Feet French Door Refrigerator, MSRP $1699.00

Whirlpool WRF535SMBMWith a beautiful, contemporary design that will bring a modern look to your kitchen; a spacious 24.8 cubic feet of food storage space; a factory installed ice-maker that will ensure you have a steady supply of ice on demand; and a Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tier II rating, Whirlpool’s WRF535SMBM bottom freezer refrigerator was created with one thing in mind: you. 

If you find yourself worrying about space, the WRF535SMBM offers 17.3 and 7.5 cubic feet for its fresh food and freezer compartments, respectively. The spacious freezer compartment features a sliding upper basket making organizing your freezer a breeze. The refrigerator door comes equipped with a two-one gallon sized, and four adjustable bins allowing you to save valuable space on your shelves. This bottom freezer refrigerator also offers a temperature controlled, full-width pantry that easily accommodates wide items like platters and sheet cakes, and since it is temperature controlled, it can even accommodate large meat and dairy items. Best of all, the glass shelves are easy to move, giving you the ability to customize fully your storage space. 

Want a lot of power without a big electric bill? The WRF535SMBM is Energy Star qualified and uses energy efficient LED lights which cast a beautiful spotlight on your food while simultaneously radiating a more natural looking light in your refrigerator. This model also comes with Whirlpool’s Accu-Chill Temperature Management System that measures the internal temperature of the unit and intuitively adapts, turning on the compressor only when necessary, delivering a fast and efficient way to cool your foods without hurting your wallet. 

With its FreshFlow Produce Preserver that helps extend the freshness of produce up to four days longer, a filter that absorbs excess ethylene gas which can cause your fruits and vegetables to spoil, and Clear Humidity controlled crispers that help preserve the freshness of your greens, you can rest easily knowing that your foods will stay fresh for a long time. 

The WRF535SMBM was also designed, engineered, and assembled right here in the United States.

3. The Whirlpool 25.0 Cubic Feet French Door Refrigerator WRX735SDBM, MSRP $2,199.00

If efficiency is what you are after, then Whirlpool’s WRX735SDBM bottom freezer refrigerator mayWhirlpool WRX735SDBM review be the model for you. 

The WRX735SDBM has an external filtered ice and water dispenser which comes equipped with Whirlpool’s Measured Fill technology. This allows you to select the exact amount of filtered water you desire. The dispenser will automatically fill the container and shut off when the desired volume is reached. Talk about hands-off! If you feel like adjusting the settings on your new fridge, the External Tap Touch controls on the dispenser are not only incredibly easy to use, but also allow a quick way to regulate settings, options, and even alerts. Finally, the compartment glass shelves, freezer divider bin, and adjustable gallon door bins allow you to make quick and convenient alterations to help suit your space needs. Not to mention, they are extremely easy to clean! 

Looking to decrease your impact on the environment? Well, the WRX735SDBM is Energy Star qualified, carries a Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tier I rating, is stocked with energy saving LED lights, and has the PUR water filtration system. This state of the art filtration system helps prevent the disposal of up to 3,000 plastic bottles a year! The WRX735SDBM also comes equipped with Whirlpool’s Accu-Chill Temperature Management System which uses sensors to monitor the internal temperature of your unit and only turns on the compressor when needed. More power only when you need it means a happier wallet for you. 

What really sets the WRX735SDBM apart from its competition is its unique design. Most French door bottom freezer refrigerator come with three doors: two for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. The WRX735SDBM actually has four doors: two for the refrigerator, one for the freezer, and an external refrigerator drawer that makes it easier to keep your frequently used items in one convenient and easy to access location. 

4. The Maytag MFC2061kES 19.8 cubic feet Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator, MSRP $2987.88 

Maytag MFC2061kESMaytag’s bottom freezer refrigerator comes with all the bells and whistles that would impress even the staunchest of side by side refrigerator aficionados. 

It has a beautiful and sleek design that is supported by Strongbox Door Hinges which provide structural integrity to the unit making sure your doors are aligned, and the cold air stays where it should be…inside your fridge. The MFC2061kES also has foam insulation ensuring your meals stay cool and crisp for a long time. 

Maytag is known for innovation which is why the MFC2061kES comes with their PureChill Internal Water Dispenser, where the water dispenser is actually on the INSIDE of the fridge. This means you can have cold, fresh water on demand. 

If you hate cleaning, Maytag has kept you in mind by installing Spill-Catcher Glass Shelves that are easy to move and even easier to clean. 

5. The GE Café Series CFE29TSDSS GE Café Series CFE29TSDSS 5 28.6 cubic feet French Door Refrigerator, MSRP $3199 

General Electric’s CFE29TSDSS bottom freezer refrigerator is the perfect combination of power, elegance, beauty, and convenience. 

It comes equipped with a hot water dispenser, an odor filtration system designed to remove odors (say goodbye to baking soda!). TwinChill evaporators help maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels to keep your foods fresh, and beautiful Showcase LED lighting for less energy and a luxurious glow. 

If you want the best, General Electric has provided it. 

These bottom freezer refrigerators are the crème of the crop. No matter which you choose, you will enjoy state of the art technology, elegant and spacious design, and environmentally friendly products. Plus, you’ll finally have a home for that gallon of milk.